While many advocacy groups are focused on the National level, there remains a vast "grey" area in what is transpiring in Local communities, and we have acknowledged the need for more aid to be derived in State and local groups. Unfortunately, in many cases public officials are receiving the bulk of their information from much larger companies and even "Non-Profit" groups. These groups have an agenda non-conducive to our own. We find this to be a major uphill battle. Many of our industry's battles will not be fought at the Federal Level, but at the State level, with Taxes and other Bans which only confuse people, we would otherwise aid. 


Here enters Benevolent, where we will truly demonstrate how vital our company can be in aiding this much-needed demand. Our name implies we will GIVE, and we will be giving 15% of our companies profits to the communities that are facing ever-increasing regulations from both State and Local Politicians.


Benevolent will be tracking each order at the point of sale and ensuring the proceeds are directed to the communities that utilize our extraordinary product so that we directly aid in protecting their rights and decisions. This is no small undertaking, with dozens of advocacy groups and state associations across the nation, we have implemented a tracking system to ensure the proper handling of proceeds. If by chance we have not reached your states advocacy group, please contact us directly to initiate the requirements of becoming a recipient of our benefits. Here at Benevolent we know this is no small endeavor, but together we can overcome any and all obstacles. CHAR500 Form can be downloaded here






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