About Us


Benevolent e-Liquids Inc is the Brainchild of Vic Canastraro of Perfection Vapes Inc. with a chain of stores throughout NY and Fl and having a global presence via the web for nearly a decade was ready to step up. Having pitched an idea to his State Advocacy group NYSVA to start making Public service announcements to help educate the non smoker as well as the non vapor alike, the group loved the idea but where could they find the money to afford such an undertaking?

    A DBA was formed under the name of Benevolent MFG to supply a vast supply of flavors to a new distribution Company based just outside of Buffalo, NY. That would not only be able to step in with new flavors that the industry was lacking but more importantly a willingness to give a preset percentage of the new distribution channels profits directly to state vaping advocacy groups that were all struggling to get by.

    Vic was all to familiar with the FDA and the requirements set before him by his attorney Mary Bielaska of Zanicorn International, a Law Firm whom had helped guide his company during the early stages of the Vapor Registration process and was already focusing his attentions on insuring his product would be prepared for the next round of regulations & timed events of compliance. It was then when he saw that not only was our industry not prepared but that its last fighters of truth and freedom were being pulverized by the never ending costs associated with vaping advocacy.

    The team would be formed, and the facilities built from the ground up to handle the anticipated drive of the industry. Never ending days and nights of designing and compliance overview to ensure the vapor stores around the country would be able to weather the coming storm.

    On July 1st, 2018 Benevolent went Live and had its 1st order placed that same week. The feedback was incredible, the hope was strong, and our determination and resolve was greater than ever.  We have since added Azim Chowhadri of Keller and Heckman to our Legal team and have added even greater oversight and compliance. We are truly focused on the long term fight for our industry, Join Us!

    We look forward to what the future holds for our industry, but we absolutely cant do it alone, we need the help of the very community we so hope to save. We look forward to bringing you these initial 8 flavors that are fantastic to taste and easy on your hardware. We will be bringing more flavors from Perfection Vapes / Benevolent MFG and hope to bring additional manufacturers on board to the benevolent Family of Distribution in the near future. Where we will aide in insuring compliance, sharing in our growth, and most importantly GIVING 15% to all the states in our great nation from any and all manufacturers who care to join and save our vape.

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