Thank you for your interest in Benevolent e-liquids and your consideration in joining our journey.

We were Tired of e-Liquids that were oversaturated with too much sweetener that was being used to cover the unpleasant taste of low-grade nicotine used broadly throughout the industry, and that ultimately were destroying our coils. We have assembled a line of e-liquid that will not only impress your taste buds but will help the Vaping community as well. We are all about providing premium made e-liquid that will help the vaping community as a whole.

Our founding members have been not only intimately involved with making great liquids for nearly a decade but were also among the first in the industry to volunteer themselves to the cause of advocacy. Our CEO and master flavor artist Vic Canastraro of Perfection Vapes Inc in NY demanded more be done for advocacy and spreading the Truth, so he lent his incredible list of over 1000 FDA registered recipes to choose from to this company & cause. We started to formulate what the industry and more importantly the community needs.

We concluded that to assist the various state groups they needed added funding. So we have incorporated 15% of the companies profits to be directly given to the States advocacy groups in which they're sold. Our team members have been fighting for Vaping Rights and Advocacy for many years, well before it was even considered by most.

Our e-Liquids will be tracked across the nation, and the proceeds will be targeted to the communities that enjoy our product and undeniably need the aid. By Tracking our sales, we can determine what states and local communities are active in advocacy. States are going after your rights, your flavors, your hard earned money with ever increasing pressure for taxation, for your very LIFE by inevitably forcing people back to analogs.

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